Surviving the Next 6 Months! for Business Owners with Cin Dee Wong

Combines a series of Live Webinars over 6 + 2 months and membership to a private business community.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of the MCO lockdown has created disruptions and uncertainties for many businesses. Many business owners are wondering how are they going to manage their businesses post-MCO/CMCO.

Surviving the next 6 months! for Business Owners has been designed to assist and provide support for business owners to navigate through these challenging times.

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Claim your One+One offer for you and your partner. Get up to 8x Monthly Live Webinars, and become a member of the NextGeneers Business Community. Total Value: RM18,698.00 (Regular Price: RM1,698.00)

The 3 Key Takeaways from Surviving the Next 6 months for Business Owners:

The key objective of the programme is to provide you with insights and tools to enable you to better manage your business. Discover how the 3R approach: Reset, Re-align & Relaunch can help business owners not only to SURVIVE but to THRIVE during this challenging times!

  • RESET: Relook, review your numbers to improve your current financial state of your business.

  • RE-ALIGN: Is a self-audit process to look at yourself, your goals, plans and your team.

  • RELAUNCH: How would you reinvigorate, reengineer or even innovate your business, products and services to meet these new challenges.


Join, participate & network with a community of business owners. Share knowledge, experience & successes.


    Be a part of a pro-active collaborative group of business owners’ and entrepreneurs to FastTrack your business growth & potential.


    Embark on a journey of continuously learning and knowledge. Get valuable insights and expertise from our Monthly NEXTGENeers Townhall sessions.


    Gain access to a repository of tools, cloud-based solutions and helpful documents, templates and forms to recorded video sessions for your business needs.